Monday, January 5, 2015

Bigg Boss 8: Ajaz Khan Thrown Out Of The House

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After a theatrical entry in Bigg Boss 8 house and slaying everyone in surprise, Ajaz Khan started his cruelty from day he entered as a challenger a week ago. Ajaz made his entry as a challenger for Halla Bol to beat challenges against the champions who were already in the house since the start of the season.
Ajaz Khan’s Halla Bol challenge began with a boom. While yesterday, four more contestants entered the house to join Ajaz Khan. The contestants who entered the house were Mahek Chahal, Sambhavna Seth, Rahul Mahajan and Sana Khan.

Just like last year Ajaz Khan created a chaos with the contestants, and this time the target was none other than Ali Quli Mirza. From the time Ajaz entered the house, Ali and Ajaz had intense arguments. Ajaz kept annoying Ali for no reason, that irritated him out.
Last night, after the entry of other four challengers, Ajaz Khan had a argument with Ali that turned out into a big fight. Ajaz punched Ali not once but twice and thrice for some argument. While Ali choose to stay quiet and not hit him back in return.
As the rule of Bigg Boss, no one is permitted to hit anyone in any situations. Ajaz’ behavior made Bigg Boss to take a extreme step and stay fair with the other contestants.
And do you know what happened next?

According to the Sources, Ajaz khan is thrown out of the house for his actions and fight with Ali Quli Mirza.


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