Tuesday, January 6, 2015

13 Unreasonable things Indians do just for the sake of it

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13 Things Indians do just for the sake of it! We might not be as advanced as the Japanese, as punctilious as the Chinese, as open minded as the Americans or as elegant as the French, but we are one thing for sure: UNIQUE. Advancement can be adapt, open mindedness can be learnt and class can come after a lot of preparing. But uniqueness? Nope. There are things only Indians do and sometimes (mostly) they don't even know why they're doing it. It's something that just comes naturally. So let's have a look at the ridiculous things we Indians do because, why not?

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1). Honking persistently in traffic jams.


We don't really honk at anyone in particular but just like honking. Kitna Traffic hai yaar.

2). Crossing train tracks

People cross railway tracks to change platforms instead of using the over bridge or the subway. Why do they do that? Because they didn't choose the thug life, the thug life chose them.

3). Jump red lights

Jump a traffic signal because everyone else is doing it! It all goes back to our childhood pleas to our mothers, something on the lines of: "Raju ki Mummy usse raat tak cricket khelne deti hai, mujhe bhi khelnaaa hai mummyyyy".

4). Pressing the elevator button when someone has already done it.

It’s actually a theory in the mind of Indians. The more number of times you push the buttons, the faster you reach. Or so we think.

5). The habit of standing up as soon as the plane comes to a stop.

See, everyone knows that Virar Fast cruel, it's cruel to us all. It has turned us into monkeys who have to start jumping when a stop comes, but this is a plane you guys! It won't take off till we're all out. The plane hates you, the pilots hate you, the cabin crew hates you, EVERYONE hates you.

6). Going under the crossing gates and waiting for the train to pass.

Khatron ke khilaadi. But, without Rohit Shetty and money.

7). Jumping the queue

If we don't jump or attempt to jump the queue, are we even Indian? Does our life even have a purpose.

8). Refuse to accept a torn or worn out currency note

It's not a currency not you guys, it's SATAN.

9). Non vegetarians not eating meat on certain days

Sorry, it wasn't the currency note that was Satanic, it is the MEAT!!!!!

10). Throwing away things anywhere but in dustbins

Hey, 5 points if it goes in the dustbin! 10 points if it doesn't!! Yay! We're such winners. #SoMuchWin #SoMuchSwag.

11). Pissing like the whole country is a public toilet.

Learn something from the ladies, hold the damn thing till you reach a bathroom for the God!

12). Get married at the 'right' age. Just because the 'society' says so!

More like get married or die tryin' am I rite ladies???

13). One smart-ass starts it and everyone follows

"If I say we harrow girls in the club, we harrow girls in the club right?" "YES" "If I say let's barge into movie theaters and protest, we do that right?" "YESSSSSS" "If I say Singh, you say King, Singh is King, Singh is King" ....

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