Wednesday, January 7, 2015

7 Bollywood Actors You Never Knew Rejected Hollywood Movies

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And you thought it was Bollywood who couldn’t get enough of Hollywood?

Brace yourselves you’re about to get an enormous shock. Here are 7 Bollywood actors who were not only offered roles in Hollywood but also went as far as to reject them:

1.      Deepika Padukone 
The actress may have the Indian masses out of the palm of her well-manicured hand, but she isn’t interested in setting her foot on foreign floors anytime soon. As proved when the actress rejected a role in the seventh instalment of the high-status Fast & Furious series.

2.      Akshay Kumar
Its not only Srk who has a huge fan following around the globe. By his own admission, the Khiladi is actually battling movie offers from Hollywood; “I am happy and satisfied with the Bollywood offers. Here, I have a huge fan group to entertain and I am not going to fit in to Hollywood so I keep refusing to do projects there.”

3.      Aishwarya Rai Bachchan
Yes, the Bachchan bahu indeed sent multiple Oscar nominated director Wolfgang Petersen packing when he approached her for the role of Briseis in Troy. The reason? Apparently getting cozy with Tom Cruise isn’t her cup of tea. We aren’t even joking.  

4.      Ronit Roy 
No, we didn’t see this coming either. The actor actually was approached for a role for the movie, Zero Dark Thirty but declined it in favor of Student of the Year. "I was offered a very interesting role in Zero Dark Thirty. But unfortunately, I couldn't do it due to date problems. I did see the film and I do regret not being part of the film," regretted Ronit Roy.

5.      Payal Rohatgi
Don’t laugh, we aren’t kidding. "I am happy that I got an international offer by a French director but I won't be able to take part in his film as he wanted me exclusively for two years,” confirmed the actress. 

6.      Priyanka Chopra 
On faced with an offer for Tarsem Singh’s Immortals, initially titled Dawn of War, opposite Henry Cavill, Priyanka chose to stick with Bollywood and gave the nod to 7 Khoon Maaf instead.

7.      Hrithik Roshan 
Rumours ran abundantly about the movie offers coming Hrithik’s way courtesy Rob Cohen who is reportedly a big fan of the Krrish actor. However, daddy Rakesh threw a spanner in the works by declaring that regardless of the Fast & Furious director’s interest, Hrithik wouldn’t be signing on any Hollywood projects anytime soon. 


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