Tuesday, January 6, 2015

11 Things That Only Engineering Students Can Understand

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In India first we become Engineers then we figure out what we want to do. We have more Engineers than any other nation. Engineering life is different on many levels. In reality it is awesomely different. Living 25 days of month lavishly without having a single penny, Loving a girl from the first day of college but unable to propose, opening books for the first time and that too just before the Exam Night, Eating Maggie with friends in a late night. These things make Indian Engineers a different breed.
Here we have 11 things that Only Indian Engineering Students can understand

1.Late night hunger

2.Smoke from cigarettes of the guy in the room next to yours.
3.Playing Counter Strike or Call of Duty with room full of students all night long.


4.The Pain of absence of girlfriend.

5.You Think you are the smartest until the VIVA

6. Eating Mom’s hand food after a very long time.

7. Literally ass kicking birthdays.

8. Chilling with friends without completing exam course, when you have exam in the morning.

9. You understand the value of gaining 40%

10. Fear of project submissions, Lab vivas, lab assignments, class assignments, class attendance.

11. Enjoyment of someone else placement party

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