Monday, January 5, 2015

13 Things You Understand Only If You Have A Sarcastic Best Friend


Do you have a friend who won’t stop laughing at you? Do you have a friend who thinks everything you do is funny? Do you have a friend who loves you with all their heart but will not miss out on a single occasion to crack a joke on you in public? Then congratulations. You have for yourself a sarcastic friend.
And this is exactly what you go through when you have a sarcastic best friend:

1. Your friend will always, ALWAYS have a sarcastic comment ready for every situation

2. They never miss out on any occasion of pulling your leg

You fell down diving in mud? Let the whole world know about it.

3. They are extremely sarcastic – which is not the best for you all the time

4. You are their favorite person to carry out all their pranks on


5. You understand they are being sarcastic and yet you end up making a face like this


6. They will make sure that they make fun of everything you do

7. They claim to hate anything that you like just to irritate the hell out of you

8. Even with their sarcastic pranks and trolling, they know never to hurt you really

9. When you’re sad they understand, but they’ll joke around just to make you feel better

10. Since everybody doesn’t understand their sarcasm, they sometimes seem rude even when they’re not

11. Making sarcastic jokes is their way of expressing themselves because they are best at doing that

12. You have tried a million times to get back at their jokes, but you are mostly disastrous

They are always prepared for your attempts of counter attack

13. But the best part of being best friends with them is that you never have a boring day…

… because once the two of you team up, there is nothing that can stop the world from ROFL.
LOL I am that Friend… My friends are Dumb :P


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