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Monday, January 19, 2015

10 Most Awesome Security Measures Taken For President Obama On His Delhi Visit

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So The Republic Day is almost here and the best part about this Republic Day is American President Barack Obama is invited in India for the same by our PM.
It is a moment of pride for India to host Barack Obama.
India has left no stone unturned for the security for Modi’s first Republic Day speech as well as American President Barack Obama’s visit.

10 Most Awesome Security Measures Taken For President Obama On His Delhi Visit

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1. 15000 CCTV Cameras Installed.

According to sources Delhi will Have 15000 cctv cameras. These aren’t the kind of CCTVs you see in an ATM, but are equipped with 36x optical zoom ability so that they can zoom in on a potential terrorist’s nose hair.

2. American security officials remind us that we need lighting and cops on the roads.

US security officials asked Delhi Police to light up the central ridge opposite the hotel. There will also be cops posted at the ridge area. 

3. 500 US secret service agents.

So it’ll feel like this:

4. Even flowerpots aren't safe!

After input from Intelligence agencies that bombs could be hidden anyplace, Special Cell and Crime Branch officers have been asked to be alert about the flower pots around Rajpath and India Gate, 24/7. 


5. Aggressive threat analysis.

There’s a lot at stake. According to a report in the Mail Today, there are threats coming in everyday against both Modi and Obama, and agencies are hard at work analyzing the gigantic amounts of data.

6. American invasion of the Maurya Sheraton.

According to an unnamed senior police officer who spoke to Reuters, “Obama’s security team will take over ITC Maurya Sheraton Hotel from January 20 and seal the place till the President’s departure.”


7. Incredibly high level of planning involved.

The American team:
1. FBI
2. CIA
3. NSA

While India is putting together the:
1. Delhi Police
2. Central Industrial Security Force
3. Intelligence Bureau
4. Air traffic controllers
All this for a security plan that covers both on-ground and air security.


8. Snipers, commandoes and other awesome stuff.

On ground forces will feature 10,000 paramilitary troopers and an 80,000-member-strong Delhi Police, and we don’t know how many American forces. There also might be snipers prearranged across Delhi's buildings.

9. President’s Companions.

According to a Daily Mail report, the following are coming to Delhi:
6 aircrafts, carrying security staff
President’s cavalcade, with 30 cars. One of them might be the Cadillac One, among the world’s most high tech cars. 
Marine One helicopters
Air Force One, Obama’s plane – equipped to protect Obama even from nuclear attack

10. The CISF is going to try to trick its own men to see how good they are!

The CISF has put together a decoy team that will attempt to enter and fly out of India with fake documents. Playing as regular passengers, this crack team will hit airports across India. This is because security arrangements at Delhi airport are low, despite specific alerts from the Intelligence Bureau.
What's really scary is that they just succeeded. “Recently, the decoy team managed to get entry with a fake e-ticket, exposing loopholes in the security of Delhi airport ahead of Obama’s visit. The team members didn’t stop there and tried to fly with fake boarding passes but a CISF official realized that the passes were fake and caught them.” a source told the Daily Mail.

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10 Awfully Senseless Questions That You Answer Everyday

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If foolishness was a religion, it would be the biggest of all. And for some reason I am not even sure if it’s absolute stupidity or them being just a plain retard.
These questions have started to blow my brains. Something to which I can’t help but reply sarcastically and to my sheer disappointment, it goes in vain too. Here are “some” stupid things people say even when they pretty much know the answer:Cover Image Source

1. When you enter a place — “Array, tum aa gaye?”

What? No, I am still on the way

2. In a movie theater — “Hey, what are you doing here?”

Hehe, just checking how the floor looks

3. Calls you at 3:30 in the morning — “Oh, are you sleeping?”

No, I was playing Jumaji.

4. When you receive a package that you ordered online — “Oh, online order kiya?”

Nahi bhai, yeh toh PK ne bheja hain, dusre planet se.

5. Looking at your wallpaper — “Oh, so you like this guy?”

No, I hate him. Which is why I have him as my wallpaper.

6. When you listen to an English song — “Oh you follow /listen to this band?”

Ummm? No, I thought it was honey singh.

7. When you are going outside, your neighbors be like — “Oh, kahi ja rahe ho?”

Nahi Bhai, mai toh aaj ka weather check kar raha tha.

8. When your distant uncle sees you while studying — “Acha, Padhai chal rahi hain !!”

Nahi Nahi, shopping kar raha hu.

9. When people catch you at some sale — “Acha, toh shopping karne aye ho”

Nahi, movie dekhne aya hu.

10. If by chance you go to a temple, then your relatives be like — “Tum pooja bhi karte ho?”

Nahi bhagwan ka haal puchne aya hu . . .  :O

Thursday, January 8, 2015

15 Laws And Rights Every Indian Should Know

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There is nothing more empowering than knowing your country's laws and rights. You never know when you might need to put them into use. While, most of us are aware of some basic laws and rights, here are some of them which we might not know about: 
1. If your cylinder blasts you are eligible to get Rs. 40 lakh cover!

Many of us are uninformed that domestic LPG consumers are entitled to a cover of Rs. 40 lakh in case of loss of life or damage to property due to cylinder bursts. 

2. Your renter can legally become the owner of the property you've rented out

Under the law of adverse possession, a person who can prove possession of your land for 12 years can become the owner of it as well. For facts, one can look up the Limitation Act of 1963. So, if you are leasing or renting property, be careful! 

3. Punishment for receiving gifts? Yes, they can be bribes.

Next time you receive a gift from a coworker, beware! You can be penalized for it. The law is a smart move by the government to avoid taking bribery. Know more about The Foreign Contribution Regulation Act 2010' here.

Source: India Today

4. Only female officers can take women to the police station

Not only do male officers have no right to escort a woman but she can refuse to go to the police station between 6 pm to 6 am. In case of a serious crime, a written permit from the magistrate is required for male officers to escort her.
Source: Wordpress

5. The tax recovery officer can arrest and release you

In case of tax violations, the TRO has the right to arrest you. The tax commissioner only decides how long can you be in custody, but your release will be decided by the TRO. This has been mentioned in the Income-tax Act, 1961.

Source: Tribune India

6. No traffic violation laws for non-motorized vehicles

Though it has been made clear that a golf cart is not allowed on the road but there aren't any penalties against non-motor vehicles like a cycles or rickshaws, since they don't fall under the Motor Vehicles Act. 
Source: observer

7. Women can lodge complaints through emails

Guidelines issued by the Delhi Police entitle women to the privilege of registering a complaint via email or even through post if she can't go to the police station.
Source: Telepresence24

8. Live-in relationships are legal

Though it is lowered upon in our country, but as long as both the adults are ready to stay together, live-in relationships are not illegal. Moreover, live-in relationships are considered to be 'equal to marriage' if certain conditions are met few of which are pooling of financial and domestic arrangements, entrusting the responsibility, sexual relationship, bearing children, socialization in public and intention, conduct of the parties, etc. This is done to protect women under the Domestic Violence Act. Also, children born out of live-in relationships have the right to inherit their parent's property.
Source: India stand

9. Political parties can solicit your vehicle during elections

During the time of elections, a political party can solicit your car or bike for campaigning purposes after deciding a settlement with you. Also, parties cannot offer free rides to and fro from poll booths. 

10. If you have been fined once in the day you maybe excused after that

Riding around without a helmet can land you into trouble, but once you are fined for it, the chalaanslip can get you out of being fined for the same till midnight. Yes, but this is not an encouragement to do so. Be safe while driving.
Source: The Hindu

11. You don't have to pay the MRP, you can buy for less

MRP is the Maximum Retail Price. As consumers, you have the right to bargain for a price below that. However, a seller can not go beyond the MRP.
Source: Filmibeat

12. If you aren't paid, file a complaint immediately

The Limitation Act states that if you aren't paid by someone who is contracted to pay you, you need to file a complaint within 3 years. After that time period your suit most likely will be dismissed, so being lazy about this is not an option.

13. 3 months in jail for PDA! (Public Display of Affection)

PDA within its limits is allowed but any obscene activity is punishable by law for upto 3 months. Since the word obscene has not been defined, couples are often harassed by policemen.
Source: full stop India

14. Head constables have limited prosecution power

No head constable can fine you for any offence which presently has a penalty for more than Rs.100. But violation of more than one rule can result in a challan of higher value. This was issued by the Delhi Traffic Police and information about the same is available on their Facebook page.
Source: Top news

15. A police officer is always on duty, literally

The 1861 Police Act clearly states that a police officers is always on duty. If he or she witnesses an act of crime or if an incident is brought to their knowledge they can't say "I am not on duty" even if they aren't in uniform. Of course, they are entitled to some rest because of the the hard work that they put in to their work.
Source: Sulekha

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10 Reason Why Salman Khan Can’t Be Replaced In Bigg Boss

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Here are 10 Reason why Salman Khan Cannot be Replaced in Bigg Boss

Post by ShaRick Bhurani
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1) With Salman’s exit, Farah Khan now has a big duty to bring up the TRPs of the show. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that many people watched the show only for Salman. With his exit, the show is expected to lose many die-hard Salman fans.

2) Salman had a energetic sign-off on the show. It was enjoyable to watch Salman say, ‘Do whatever you want man’ at the end of every episode

3) Salman was more of a Dost than a host in the true sense, Farah Khan will be a strict teacher in her freshly introduced segment ‘Farah Ki Class’.

4) Salman’s laugh was infectious. He taught us the true meaning of Laugh out loud. He laughed with all his heart

5) One will undeniably miss his fun dance moves. He was unpredictable when it came to dance.

6) Over the years brand Salman has become one and the same with Bigg boss. The show just cannot be make-believe without him at all.

7) The word Bhai has brought Salman closer to the masses. His random sense of humor has made the masses follow and admire him entirely.

8) People of all age group enjoy Salman’s matchless style of hosting. People who love the superstar, love him unconditionally, regardless of what he does or say.

9) It was fun to see his companionship with stars that came to promote their films.

10) His playfulness have become the USP of the show. Without him the show would be broken and lifeless. Colors obviously knows this and would definitely not risk goodbye with Salman.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Watch BILL GATES Drinking Water Made From Human Poop In This Ground-breaking Video

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We have all heard of astronauts drinking water extracted from poop. But to think of the process as becoming part of society is something we haven’t been able to imagine.  
Bill Gates is funding a project that produces clean drinking water from feces. And to make evident the purity of the water extracted, Good Guy Bill Gates drank it himself.
Named Omniprocessor, the machine is alleged to be capable of producing 86,000 litres of water in a single day! It has been developed by Janicki Bioenergy, whose founder Peter Janicki personally journeyed to Africa and India to understand the problem of waste disposal.
Writing on his blog, Gates has said that the machine could be a ‘great fit’ in India. If things work out well, the project could become a blessing for developing countries, solving the problem of waste disposal and providing clean water and electricity.
This video shows, in layman terms, the science behind converting waste into drinking water. Watch Bill Gates drink water that was human poop only five minutes ago.

Watch the video below or on YouTube here
Photo: © YouTube (Main Image)