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14 Hairstyle Tricks For All The Lazy Girls.

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We all have those days where hair is the absolutely last thing on our minds and we have zero motivation to put any kind of effort in how our hair looks…that, or we just had no time to wash it! Either way, we still need to look tidy (somewhat) to go out into the world, because if you look good, you feel good! Even on those days where your hair is a dirty mess and you think all you can do is stick it up in a ponytail, think again! These tricks are in all conscience marvelously simple and sometimes even work better with dirty hair! Here a 14 hairstyle Tricks For All The lazy Girls to help you never leave the house looking a mess ever again.

1. Dirty hair? Use dry shampoo before bed

It works better and will suck up all the excess oil leaving your hair extra voluminous!

2. Dry your hair and style it with a hot air brush.

3. Uplift your pony tail with two bobby pins!

You can also do the same trick using two hair ties.

 4. Roll your hair up into an elastic hairband.


What’s great about this look is that the messier it is, the better!

5. Easy bun with no bobby pins and no hair ties!

You essentially wrap your hair within itself!

6. If your hair is really bad, do a little pick-me-up in the sink! This is great for greasy bangs, too!


7. Another beautiful 10 second hairstyle

8. Get a fuller ponytail with a hidden butterfly clip.


9.  This hairstyle looks even better with unwashed hair .


10.  Hate fly-aways? Use a toothbrush to tame them.

11.  Spin pins are so much easier than bobby pins! 


12.  Messy knot upgrades your ponytail!


13.   Boar bristle brushes while styling help add shine to your hair.

14.  Self-grip Velcro rollers let you have voluminous look of blow drying your hair with a round brush but you don’t need to do that much work! 


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