Sunday, January 4, 2015

9 Hilarious Moments On A Cricket Field

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Cricket is called the gentleman's game and is played in all seriousness. But every now and then, there are some truly hysterical moments on a cricket field that crack you up and you're literally rolling on the pitch, laughing. Here are 9 Hilarious Moments On A Cricket Field:

1. Bulls Eye!

2. Lets see who could throw it higher!

3. Always Wear a Helmet on a two wheeler!

4. Here’s why you should use a good quality product !

5. Its Hit wicket not “Lets Hit the Wicket”!

6. There goes my favorite Shades, Perfect timing BTW!

7. Hunting Season!

8. Kya kar rahe ho bhai… Epic Fail!

9. Gentleman’s Game?… Yeah Totally.

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