Friday, January 2, 2015

8 Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Alia Bhatt

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1. Her Chemistry with her Mom & Dad

Alia Bhatt has always been closer to her mother, former actress Soni Razdan, than her father, well-known filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt. The actress began sharing a close bond with her father only after she entered the entertainment industry.

2. Her Real Bollywood Debut Movie

Though most of us consider that Alia Bhatt debuted in Hindi films with Karan Johar’s 2012 box-office blockbuster, Student Of The Year, here’s a surprise… the lovely miss entered Bollywood when she was just six years old. She played younger Preity Zinta in the 1999 flick, Sangharsh.

3. She Lost Weight for Karan Johar

Alia never wanted her famous filmmaker father to launch her in films. She auditioned for the role of Shanaya in Student Of The Year. Actually, about 400 girls had auditioned for the same role. But it was Alia who impressed Karan Johar the most. The director asked Bhatt to lose weight before getting on board. Remarkably, Alia dropped 16 kgs for SOTY.

4. She Is a Mix Of Kashmiri, Gujarati & German

While Alia’s mother is half Kashmiri and half German, her father is a Gujarati. The actress has been brought up as an atheist.

5. Bollywood Connections

Bollywood actor Emraan Hashmi and filmmaker Mohit Suri are Alia Bhatt’s first cousins.

6. Her Pet Name

This one will certainly bring a smile to your face. Since Alia used to be a very cute, chubby kid, her family used to call her Aloo.

7. Who She Believes Is Her Competition In Bollywood?

While Alia Bhatt totally have a high regard for Deepika Padukone, she considers Parineeti Chopra to be her competition.

8. She Is Hot, But She Like It Cold

Alia likes to sip on cold beverages more than the hot ones. She loves French fries. Alia also likes curd or yoghurt very much.

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