Sunday, January 4, 2015

15 Things Boys Do That Are A Complete Turn Off For Girls

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Are you trying to impress a girl and it’s not working out? With the high rate of mood changeability, are you pondering what exactly pleases them? Well, every girl has her own set of rules, but there are some common turn offs that are normally accepted on opposite gender.

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Check if you’re making these mistakes:

1. Guys bragging about no matter what

 No girl wants to be around someone who boasts and is self-absorbed.

2. Foul-smelling boys

 Your mouth, armpits and in general the whole you! Please bathe daily.

3. Zero chivalry and bad manners

 They notice the way you talk to a waiter or shopkeeper. Girls have their eyes on what you do.

4. When the pitch of their voice is too loud or too soft

 Why not speak in a usual socially suitable pitch?

5. Burping out loud and not being sorry

 They don’t have problems with you burping, but an “Excuse me” or “Sorry” surely helps.

6. Trying to speak in a language they aren’t easy with

 Be yourself. There’s no need to put on a fake accent to woo a girl.

7. Guys with the following three syndromes


8. Guys who pout and click selfies

 Maybe it’s a personal liking, but duck-faced guy selfies! Hell no!

9. Always checking out their hair or beard

Too self-conscious, eh?

10. When guys walk like they have a stick stuck up their butt-holes

 Is there a problem down there? Why walk like a Chu####?

11. Guys who’re into rash driving

A jacket clad, helmet wearing dude cruising gracefully on his bike is extremely sexier than a stupid kid trying to act daredevil.

12. Trying to overplay

 Dude relax! No one’s asking you how much property you have to keep her happy.

13. Getting too personal too quickly

Slow down. You’re turning me off.

14. Guys who try too hard to show how smart they are

 If you really have to try that hard, then it’s a proof that you aren’t that smart.

15. Boys who fail to respect

If you’ve an inflated ego, then stay at home.
A guy is a boy by birth, a man by age, but a gentleman by choice.

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