Monday, January 19, 2015

10 Awfully Senseless Questions That You Answer Everyday

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If foolishness was a religion, it would be the biggest of all. And for some reason I am not even sure if it’s absolute stupidity or them being just a plain retard.
These questions have started to blow my brains. Something to which I can’t help but reply sarcastically and to my sheer disappointment, it goes in vain too. Here are “some” stupid things people say even when they pretty much know the answer:Cover Image Source

1. When you enter a place — “Array, tum aa gaye?”

What? No, I am still on the way

2. In a movie theater — “Hey, what are you doing here?”

Hehe, just checking how the floor looks

3. Calls you at 3:30 in the morning — “Oh, are you sleeping?”

No, I was playing Jumaji.

4. When you receive a package that you ordered online — “Oh, online order kiya?”

Nahi bhai, yeh toh PK ne bheja hain, dusre planet se.

5. Looking at your wallpaper — “Oh, so you like this guy?”

No, I hate him. Which is why I have him as my wallpaper.

6. When you listen to an English song — “Oh you follow /listen to this band?”

Ummm? No, I thought it was honey singh.

7. When you are going outside, your neighbors be like — “Oh, kahi ja rahe ho?”

Nahi Bhai, mai toh aaj ka weather check kar raha tha.

8. When your distant uncle sees you while studying — “Acha, Padhai chal rahi hain !!”

Nahi Nahi, shopping kar raha hu.

9. When people catch you at some sale — “Acha, toh shopping karne aye ho”

Nahi, movie dekhne aya hu.

10. If by chance you go to a temple, then your relatives be like — “Tum pooja bhi karte ho?”

Nahi bhagwan ka haal puchne aya hu . . .  :O

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