Wednesday, December 31, 2014

9 Things Men Do That Are Unintentionally Sexy.

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If you are not in the money or have not the heart-stopping look that mesmerizes at least half women of all ages, it is strongly suggested that you try every trick in the book in order to be surprisingly attractive and impress the girl you like at first sight. Believe me, some of these tricks really work magic because I’ve observed it for like a hundred times. Let’s see which one works for you. A heads up: do not overdo these tricks otherwise they would easily backfire.
#1- Rolling up the shirt sleeves

Most girls find it really sexy when we roll up our shirt sleeves.

#2- Leaning Forward

When we lean forward to the co-worker's workstation, or to listen carefully, we surely don't intend to look sexy, but unintentionally we do. When we lean forward we appear aggressive(in a positive way, passionate and approaching. Unintentional, therefore Sexy!!!

#3- Leaning against a table, bar counter or the doorway

#4- Smiling softly

According to girls we guys look extremely sexy when we remember something and smile softly at ourselves.

#5- Scratching the beard

Well, scratching the beard is regarded as a gesture of advances to women, but when guys do it unintentionally while being lost in their thoughts, it then works the best, making them look super dishy.

#6- Adjusting the tie
Men don't realize that adjusting their tie can actually cause some kind of chemical simulation in the minds of the fairer sex.

#7- Laughing uninhibitedly

Men normally keep their emotions at check, may be due to that whenever they laugh their heart out, they look the sexiest.

#8- Being moist-eyed
Men don't cry and when they do, they look sexy.

#9- Cuddling a kid
Since, men are not very kid-friendly, when they cuddle a baby, they look unintentionally sexy.

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