Tuesday, December 30, 2014

15 Things You Experience When Your Birthday Is On A National Holiday

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Birthdays are supposed to be thrilling and an additional reason to party with friends and family. But what happens when your birthday date crashes with some other big day? Like new year, valentine’s day, April fools day, Christmas, Diwali, Bakri Eid etc..

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Here are the 15 Things You Experience When Your Birthday Is On A National Holiday.

1. People often wish ‘Happy New Year’, instead of ‘Happy Birthday’

screw new year, it’s my birthday today! #TrueStoryOf1stJanBorns.

2. Happy Valentine ’s Day, Oh! It’s your birthday today? That’s cool, do you got two gifts then?

Err… I am single and screw Valentine’s day, it’s my birthday today man!

3. Friends pull a prank and wish April fools day! You go like, it’s my birthday today!

Birthday pe bewakoof bangaya BC.

4. Never get to celebrate Birthdays in schools or colleges, because it always falls on a Republic/Independence day

Personal Experience L

5. Suddenly restaurant prices shoot up.

Only because it clashes with a big holiday!

6. A part of you feels bad, Because your birthday is not the most special reason to celebrate

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It feels like just another celebration. Where is the birthday feel? Where is your limelight?

7. If birthday falls on the day of some big festival, then none of your friends are available

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Festival times are family times, sorry Bruh!

8. Random people remember your birthday because of the popular date and ask for treats

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And you wonder where they were all the way through the year?

9. Sometimes your family is so occupied with the preparations for festivals that they forget to wish you

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Excuse me, I was born in this house some years ago. How could you forget that?

10. If it falls in the month of Shravan, then say goodbye to non-veg delicacies

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Deal with paneer, which is all that you get for your birthday! hehahahaha

11. Sometimes the clash can be cool, because it adds to the celebration of your special day

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People usually have holidays and make it a point to meet you.

12. It feels like the whole world is celebrating your birthday

And you’re the luckiest person on this planet.

13. Get to shop double and get double gifts

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For your birthday and the festival.

14. You always fight mix emotions, you’re happy and kind of sad that it clashes with another big event

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but you’re happy anyway!

15. You feel overjoyed to have so many reasons to celebrate

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Your birthday rarely passes by like a ghost. Fun is always there.

It’s a blessing in disguise to share your birthday with another big occasion. All that should matter at the end is to celebrate every birthday with high spirits ;) and make every passing year count for good.

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