Thursday, January 8, 2015

10 Reason Why Salman Khan Can’t Be Replaced In Bigg Boss

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Here are 10 Reason why Salman Khan Cannot be Replaced in Bigg Boss

Post by ShaRick Bhurani
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1) With Salman’s exit, Farah Khan now has a big duty to bring up the TRPs of the show. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that many people watched the show only for Salman. With his exit, the show is expected to lose many die-hard Salman fans.

2) Salman had a energetic sign-off on the show. It was enjoyable to watch Salman say, ‘Do whatever you want man’ at the end of every episode

3) Salman was more of a Dost than a host in the true sense, Farah Khan will be a strict teacher in her freshly introduced segment ‘Farah Ki Class’.

4) Salman’s laugh was infectious. He taught us the true meaning of Laugh out loud. He laughed with all his heart

5) One will undeniably miss his fun dance moves. He was unpredictable when it came to dance.

6) Over the years brand Salman has become one and the same with Bigg boss. The show just cannot be make-believe without him at all.

7) The word Bhai has brought Salman closer to the masses. His random sense of humor has made the masses follow and admire him entirely.

8) People of all age group enjoy Salman’s matchless style of hosting. People who love the superstar, love him unconditionally, regardless of what he does or say.

9) It was fun to see his companionship with stars that came to promote their films.

10) His playfulness have become the USP of the show. Without him the show would be broken and lifeless. Colors obviously knows this and would definitely not risk goodbye with Salman.

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