Thursday, January 1, 2015

9 Things You Will Understand Only If You Are A Commerce Student

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One of the hardest choices in life is to select the stream one wants to follow after class 10th board exams, be it Science, Commerce or Arts. To be true, Science is considered for the intellect, commerce a sacrifice and Arts for not so intelligent lots. It's undoubtedly a mistaken belief that overcomes in the belief of many.
From the boring and creepy Math chapters and formulas, to the never ending business theories, it’s irritating and maddening for some, while fun for others. Love it or hate it, one has to bear it for a minimum of 2 years. So before picking commerce as your stream, do keep in mind the life of a commerce student. Here Are 9 Things You Will Understand Only If You Are A Commerce Student:

1. Starting from the first day of commerce, you are assaulted with the same question by every possible person you meet- "Accha.. Toh 12th ke baad CA karna hai?"

Answering the same question again and again. As if there is no life past CA for them.

2. The number of lines while preparing the balance sheet and journal entries in accounts, makes you feel.... "Bhai, Isse toh acha Arts tha"
The journal entries in Accounts.

3. What you have to really study for exams

4. What you end up doing.

5. Something inside you dies every time you open that Math textbook.

6. You have tolerate the never-ending links with Science students.

Each one of us without a doubt has that one friend who has selected for Science and the boundless comparisons made in terms of studying and spending time on cell phones, makes you feel….Kya Ch###yapa hai BC!

7. You have studied so much about Business and entrepreneurship theories that you can certainly start your own business the next day.

Papa business ke liye paise do!

8. Extraterrestrial subjects like Accounts, business studies, economics and entrepreneurship drive you crazy.

The subjects in Commerce like Accounts, business studies, economics and entrepreneurship are new and unknown but friends still able to secure good marks, is highly irritating!

9. You made up your mind to change your stream and opt for a non-commerce degree course but you end up doing B.C…. umm we meant B.Com

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